Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Arizona Green Tea Can-Candle!

Hey Guys! Bianca here :D This is my first post here at CKTO and I thought it be nice to start off with a DIY! Awhile ago I posted on my personal Facebook a little project I did on my free time and a lot of people liked the idea, so here I am to show you guys how to create a candle out of a Arizona Tea Can so you can have one of your own!

Things you need:

-Empty Arizona Green Tea can
-Sand or Small towel
-Knife or Scissors
-Small candle

I personally like the nice cherry blossom design that the Arizona Green Tea can has, yet if you find another Arizona can or even any other can with a cool design then go for it!

What to do:

1) First of all, of course, empty the can. Drink it or if you don't like the flavor of the drink then dump it out :D
2) With a knife or sharp scissors cut out the bottom of the can so then you have a hole so later on you can insert the candle!
3) Once your can has a hole at the bottom stuff the inside with either sand or if you don't have sand stuff the inside of the can with a thick small towel, and make sure it's nicely stuffed. This is very useful in the case that when you start poking holes in the can, you don't squeeze and dent the can in the process!
4) Now grab your needle and start poking small holes along the line of the design of the can. Now in this step it is all all up to you of how and what you want the candle to show when you light the candle. I just poked holes in the places i wanted the light of the candle to shine through! :D
5) Once you are done with the design of your can grab your small candle (the candle has to be wide enough to fit into the can and tiny enough so it doesn't pass the upper half of the can, or else it will burn the top of the can)Light up the candle, and place the can on top and your can is a candle! :D

My Can-Candle :)